Driving is one of the preferred form of transportation by us Malaysians to take us places from one point to another. We arrive at a location only focusing on heading to a destination. However, getting caught up in travelling, we often neglect this issue when it comes to parking our car, our safety. According to online Malaysian Newspaper called New Straits Times, snatch theft cases have increased in the federal capital with 368 cases reported in 2017. Hearing stories and reading the newspaper on related cases, like Canny Ong back in 2003 serves as a lesson, that this should not be taken lightly. She was abducted from the Bangsar Shopping Complex carpark, a popular upscale shopping mall with hundreds of people yet she was unfortunately taken from her loved ones in a terrible way. For those of us who are lucky, we should also start taking precaution to safeguard ourselves by choosing the right parking space.

We at ParkIt have a few tips to help you identify if a parking area is safe or not.

1.       Security Guard Post

The first thing to look for in a safe space, is a security guard post. Security guards will not allow entrance for anyone without an access card. Visitors will need to drop by and provide their IC number and other relevant information for record and safety purposes. They even take extra measures to note down the visitors’ car number and provide a visitor pass to be placed on the vehicle dashboard before letting them in. 

The numerous CCTVs installed in the parking areas and rounds made by the guards deters suspicious behaviour. If such cases occur, the guards will have records and visual evidence. Based on the evidence collected, appropriate action will be taken by the authorities to ensure the safety and justice for users of the parking spaces.  All parking spaces from ParkIt are indoors, mostly in condominiums for safety purposes. We provide parking spaces in condominiums, as the management ensures that the security guards hired are active and vigilant when doing their job.

  Source: The Malay Mail Online (2013), In Arming Illegal Guards for Cheaper Security.

Source: The Malay Mail Online (2013), In Arming Illegal Guards for Cheaper Security.


2.       Risk of Being Exposed to Criminals/Crime

On the contrary, outdoor parking would have fewer to no security guards available. Even when there are guards, it can never be as safe as an indoor parking space. Outdoor parking areas are usually not patrolled, due to the limited number of guards on duty and the harsh weather condition the guards face. Indirectly, we are putting ourselves out there for potential snatch thefts and robbers since we are constantly exposed out in the open. The dangers are heightened even more at night after work since most of the outdoor parking spaces aren’t lit, leaving us vulnerable to premeditated attacks.

As ParkIt is a company providing parking service to working professionals, it is our duty to ensure that our drivers feel safe whenever they park in our designated parking spaces. We ensure that parking spaces are indoors, properly lit and are no more than 1 to 10-minute walking distance to your destination.

  Source: The Star Online (2014), Where To Park in Chinatown.

Source: The Star Online (2014), Where To Park in Chinatown.

3.       Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

Parking our car in open space with trees and on gravel isn’t best idea since dried leaves, twigs and bird droppings not only dirty our precious possession, but also ruin them through corrosion and scratches. Being sheltered is also important when it comes to parking spaces, since we wouldn’t want to be caught in the rain while walking to our car right? The weather can be very unpredictable when it comes to Malaysian climate. It can either be a heavy downpour in a second and scorching hot the next.

As opposed to indoor parking, the thought of getting into our car in the rain after a long day could be a mood spoiler. The ideal situation when we get out from the office, is to have a pleasant walk without getting wet in the rain. Being able to take our time to head to the carpark is may seem like a trivial matter, but it gives some of us a little relaxation and relief. Having an indoor carpark helps us to stay comfortable and dry till we get home. Just the same as being in our car.

  Quickmeme.com (n.d.), That's a nice car you have there.

Quickmeme.com (n.d.), That's a nice car you have there.

Parkit not only ensures your safety and security by providing sheltered bays, our parking locations are also minutes away from most office buildings. Since you’ve paid for it, you get to use it whenever you like. Head to your favourite café or shopping mall during the weekends without the hassle of finding a spot in a public area. There are no limits on the number of hours you choose to park your car and you can leave it during the weekends in case you are going for a vacation. With ParkIt, you do not need to worry about searching high and low for a parking space as the spaces are reserved specifically for you, which saves you valuable time and leaves you hassle free!

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