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      1. How does ParkIt work?

ParkIt is an online platform that connects drivers to unusued spare parking spaces owned by local property owners. So if you have an allocated spare parking space that is available for people to park in, sign up now. It’s free to list and you can make hundreds each month from leasing out your spare parking space.

2. Is ParkIt legit?

ParkIt has more than 300 numbers of parking spaces rented out around Klang Valley to working professionals. These parking spaces belong to property owners of condominiums/apartments who do not use the spaces. We have lease agreements with the parking owners and therefore, the drivers are all legal licensees and invitees of the owners.

They are not trespassers as they have gotten the permission from the owners and were invited by the owners to access and use the private parking spaces they legally own. In our arrangement with the property owners, all vehicle details are shared with them and they are fully aware of the person parking on their space. 

All to make parking easy. Have no fear, ParkIt is legit!

Furthermore, we have our processes and controls in place to ensure the drivers rent the parking space because they need the parking space. Not because they want to use the swimming pool. We do a four way match from the IC, valid driving licence, physical look and business card to ensure our drivers are who they say they are. The car registration number is also cross checked with JPJ to ensure the vehicle belongs to the driver, or a family member. 

Another point to note is that we do not require access to lifts. We only require car park access devices, and drivers take the stairs. Sometimes (depending on the residence), access devices with lift access limited to car park levels and lobby are provided.

Rest assured, we take all necessary steps to ensure the safe and security of our drivers, and property owners.

3. What is the termination policy?

Both parties (owners and drivers) will need to give at least 1 month notice to ParkIt before the termination date.

4. Are there any hidden fees?

There will be no hidden fees. Be it you renting out your parking space to us or getting a spot from us. All details are itemised in our invoices and bills so making it completely transparent.

5. What kind of parking spaces is ParkIt offering/looking for?

ParkIt is mainly looking for vacant parking spaces be it commercial or residential. As long as your property can be used as a parking space, we will help you find a driver who needs it. Of course, depending on location, the demand for parking varies, and so does the average market price.

6. How does the verification process work?

ParkIt practices a 4-step verification process to the drivers who want to book a parking space. A representative from ParkIt will set up a face to face meeting with the driver to verify their physical looks. The drivers will need to provide personal details such as their IC, car number plate, car brand/ model/ color. We cross check these details with the drivers valid driving licence and business card to verify their employment status and identity ensuring they are who they say they are. Car registration numbers are crossed checked with JPJ to ensure the car is registered under their name or their family member's name.

7. What is the administrative fee for?

The administrative fee helps ParkIt to run their platform and offer services to our dear drivers and carpark space owners, like customer support that operates efficiently daily and if required, even weekends!




1. Is there any size limits on the cars?

Any vehicle that is larger than a 4 door sedan will be considered as an over-sized car. Lorries, trucks, buses or vehicles that are used for commercials usage are strictly prohibited.

2. Does ParkIt provide long term parking spaces?

ParkIt will usually sign a 1 year contract with the owners of the parking spaces to secure the spot for our drivers. However, if there are any circumstances that the owners need to terminate the contract with ParkIt, we will source for a replacement parking spot for our drivers as soon as possible to avoid and inconveniences.

3. Can I book a parking space for my friends/ family/ employees etc?

Yes, you can!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you are an employer who would like to get parking spaces for the employees. However, for security reasons, ParkIt will require the personal details such as ID, car number plate, car brand/ model/ color of each and every drivers.

4. Do I need to pay for my parking in advance?

Yes. All drivers will need to make an advance monthly payment and 1 month security deposit for the first month.

5. How do I find a parking space?

We have listed out the locations where ParkIt have season parking available in the city on our website. To book the space, please feel free to sign up on our websit. Once your booking has been confirmed, our support team will get back to you with the parking space bay and access card collection.

6. What if I lose my access device?

If this happen, the drivers should contact ParkIt immediately and we will schedule a replacement of the access device. However, any compensation will be beared by the drivers, ParkIt does not take responsibility for any losses and damages.

7. Do I have 24/7 access to my parking space?

Yes. The drivers will have a 24/7 access to the parking space, unless stated.

8. Do I need to make any security deposits for booking a parking space from ParkIt?

Yes. The drivers will need to make a 1-month security deposit for booking a parking space from ParkIt.

9. How do I make my payments?

Payments can be made via bank transfer to ParkIt Sdn Bhd.

PARKIT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD                                                                                                                                                                                                              CIMB BANK BERHAD                                                                                                                                                                                                                        8008342620


10. What are the restrictions imposed to the drivers of ParkIt?

Drivers are ONLY allowed to park within the allocated parking spaces in the provided building by ParkIt. You are not allowed to access to any facilities, floors and units in the building.



1. What is the price (on average) ParkIt is offering to rent my parking space?

The prices can  vary according to the carpark space location. Please feel free to sign up on our website for enquiries and our representatives will get back to you.

2. What should I do if the driver make any damages to my parking space?

In this circumstances, the owner should inform ParkIt immediately. Our support team will investigate into the issues with the drivers. All damages made by the drivers will be bound by them.

3. What are my responsibilities as a parking owner

The prices can  vary according to the carpark space location. Please feel free to sign up on our website for enquiries and our representatives will get back to you.