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      1. How does ParkIt work as a business?

ParkIt is an online platform that connects drivers to unusued spare parking spaces owned by local property owners. If you are an owner of a parking space, you can register on our website by clicking on the owner registration form on our website and type in your details (name, contact, email and parking location).

After registering, our team will get in contact with you on further terms and if agreeable, we will host your parking on our website for prospective tenants. Once we've found a tenant you're comfortable with, we will draft an agreement to rent and we're done! A driver has a parking space and you get to rent and enjoy passive income.

If you are a parker, you could easily book a space on our website. Feel free to sign up on our website through the parker registration form. Once your booking has been confirmed, our support team will get back to you with the parking space bay and access card collection date.

2. Is ParkIt legitimate?

Definitely! ParkIt has more than 350 numbers of parking spaces rented out around Klang Valley to working professionals. These parking spaces belong to property owners of condominiums/apartments who do not use the spaces. We have leased agreements with the parking owners and therefore, the drivers are all legal licensees and invitees of the owners.

Our drivers are not trespassers as they have gotten the permission from the owners and were invited by the owners to access and use the private parking spaces they legally own. In our arrangement with the property owners, all vehicle details are shared with them and they are fully aware of the person parking on their space.

All to make parking easy.

Furthermore, we have our processes and controls in place to ensure the carpark is rented out to drivers who needs a car park and not because they want to use the swimming pool. We do a four way match from the IC, valid driving licence, physical look and business card to ensure our drivers are who they say they are. The car registration number is also cross checked with JPJ to ensure the vehicle belongs to the driver, or a family member.

Another point to note is that we do not require access to lifts. We only require car park access devices, and drivers take the stairs. Sometimes (depending on the residence), access devices with lift access limited to car park levels and lobby are provided.

Rest assured, we take all necessary steps to ensure the safe and security of our drivers, and property owners.




1. What happens if the access card given to me is not working?

Fret not, just drop our Parking Buddy a call and we will get the access card fixed the soonest possible. Meanwhile, we will provide a temporary card for you so that you can access the entrance of your parking area.

2. What are the different kind of parking spaces that ParkIt offers? (Season pass, reserved parking etc)

ParkIt offers:

(a) A long term reserved parking: A parking space that is dedicated specifically for you, with a 24/7 access.

(b) A season pass: A parking space on a floating-basis.

(c) Short term rental: Parking rental on a daily (to weekly) basis.


3. What if I get a season pass, and that area always has no parking space?

The parking management has prepared the season parking bay in such a way, that it will cater to the number of season pass holders / applicants. Therefore, be rest assured that you will be able to park to at an empty spot.

4. I do not feel comfortable with registering myself at the management, how can I avoid this?

There is no need for you to register with the management, registration is performed by the property owner, which is why we need your car details. Simply let us know where you wish to park (and other specific requirements should you have any), and we will sort the remaining A to Z for you. What’s there for you to do then? Park with ease!

5. What if I use more than one car? Do I provide the details of all the cars that I drive?

Yes, you provide us the details of the cars you wish to register. Of course, only one car is allowed to access at any one time. Then, we will liaise accordingly with the owner of your parking space. What’s next? For you to park at ease!

6. What do I do when someone else parks at my place?

Simple, just give our representative a call and we would help you settle the issue by providing you a temporary car park. We will then inform the owner of the space to liase with the management so that they can give a warning to the car that is parking at your spot.

7. How does the payment work if I’m a new sign-up and what are my available payment options?

If you’re a new sign-up, it’s simple. Just provide us with the necessary details that we require and we would send you an invoice with the required amount for the first month. For the first month, drivers are required to pay a deposit (refundable upon termination) and also a one-off administration fee, together with the one-month rental. For the upcoming months, we will send you an invoice on your parking start date of the monthly rental. If you wish to pay for your space on a quarterly, half a year or yearly basis in return of cheaper rental, feel free to inform us..

8. If I’m headed outstation for (x) months, am I still required to fulfill the rental fees, even though my parking space is vacant?

Yes, you are still required to fulfill the rental fees. However, you can opt to terminate your rental temporarily from the period that you would be outstation.

However, we don’t guarantee the space to be available as we work on a first come, first serve basis. But, we can give you the first right of refusal.


9. What if the owner of the parking space wants to take the parking space back before the end of the rental period?

Usually, when this happens, we would provide you a replacement parking space of equal convenience. If we don’t have any replacement available, we will give you a one month notice and source a new space for you,or provide you with an existent space.


10. Can I rent a parking space on a daily basis/short period (not abiding by a 6-month mandatory period) ?

Ideally, it would be best if you are able to rent a parking space with us on a long-term basis. Nonetheless, yes! We do provide shorter term rental. Just inform us prior and we will see how we can cater to your parking needs.

11. I really cannot commit to the 6-month mandatory stay (under obligations such as the changing of job or re-allocation of office), what happens next?

Let us know immediately so that we can start sourcing for a replacement. You could also introduce your friends/colleagues to take over your account.




1. How do you ensure that the tenant taking up my spot is a “reliable” individual and does not breach my privacy, and enters the unit/residential levels with the access card provided?

ParkIt practices a 4-step verification process to the drivers who want to book a parking space. A representative from ParkIt will set up a face to face meeting with the driver to verify their physical looks. The drivers will need to provide personal details such as their IC, car number plate, car brand/ model/ color. We cross check these details with the drivers valid driving licence and business card to verify their employment status and identity ensuring they are who they say they are. Car registration numbers are crossed checked with JPJ to ensure the car is registered under their name or their family member's name.

2. My management does not allow non-residents to park or rent parking spaces in my condo, can I still rent my parking space?

Yes, you can! Essentially, as a unit owner, you are allowed to provide and rent your parking space.

Management will not and should not inhibit you from renting your space out as you, the parking owner have already provided consent.

Under Strata Title Act, once an owner buy a unit, the parking belongs to the owner as an accessory of the parcel. It is their discretion what they do with it, including renting it! So if you’re not using your parking space or knows someone who isn’t using, we will be the solution and help you out.

3. How do you ensure that I (as an owner) will not be involved in any managerial trouble since I am renting my space out without the consent of the management?

Being an owner of a unit automatically gives you the authority to rent your property (parking space inclusive) to non-residents. Therefore, with you being well aware that the parking space has been rented out, management will not and should not take any actions against you.


4. Will I get compensated if the tenant misplaces, loses or does not return my access card?

Yes. We will inform you during such a case and bear the cost of card/access device replacement. However, only you as the owner of the property can apply for a new access card/device. We can assist to pickup on behalf, with your consent.


5. How do I know the rental rate of my parking space and what if there are other platforms offering more competitive rates?

ParkIt Malaysia provides a fair rate at all times by conducting market-price research from time to time, ensuring that the price provided for our parkers is up to date. 

Because our business functions as a shared economy, the price may fluctuate with time. However, we can assure you that the service we provide to you is valuable with the price you are paying for, especially when it comes to safety and time limit of parking. 

6. How do I receive my payment and is it on a monthly basis?

Your payment will be transferred via online transfer. Default payment is monthly. However, if you prefer quarterly/ half yearly / yearly payment, we are open to negotiations.

7. I need my parking space back before completing the agreed rental period, what do I do?

No worries, you just need to let us know 1 month in advance, so we have sufficient time to provide our tenant a new space.