Services for business/Events

Looking for a valet service? Whether you need it permanently at your business location or just ‘ad-hoc’ for your event/s, drop us an enquiry!


Permanent/Ad-Hoc Valet Services


If your business is booming and you have a large amount of visitors on a daily with no parking, a valet service will help you with parking problems. We provide end-to-end professional valet management that caters to your visitors’ convenience and a solution with insufficient parking.

Recommended : Restaurants, Hotels, Medical centres, Commercial centres.


If you need a short term valet solution for your event, we provide not only the manpower, but the booth, ticketing, uniform, and system needed for an exclusive VIP guest experience.

Recommended : Event Space, Weddings Planners, Event Organisers

Our experience:

1) More than 100 clients serviced at 30 different locations ranging from Weddings, Product launches, Developers, Night Galas, Public Events, Private Black Tie Events, Business Anniversaries.

2) Have experience in managing a valet service catering to more than 400 cars per day.

3) 4 permanent valet sites in Bangsar and KL.

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Car Park Management Services


If your residence requires car park management, we have the tools and expertise to implement the end-to-end systems for it.

“Without you guys, i would not have been able to make thousands from my property. Thank you!”

- Property owner in KLCC


If you have an empty piece of land or looking for a car park operator for your multi-level car park, we also can assist in the set up and management to start maximising your car park returns.

“Thank god that you have provided a solution for us. We have been looking to solve our car park problem for ages! Now we can expand our business!”

- Business owner in Bangsar

Our Experience:

1) Managing more than 50 locations in the Klang Valley.

2) Implementation and Commercialisation of multiple car park sites including systems, manpower, processes, tracking and reporting.

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Consultation Services

If you’re looking to maximise your current car park revenue, ensure your event guests have enough parking, or in need of an assessment on your current car park provider, we can help.

“Thank you for the insights. I now know that with a valet service, I will not only get more customers, but they will feel exclusive visiting our establishment”

- Event space owner

“With your report, i can now take the necessary steps to maximise my return on investment on my car park business”

- Car park operator

Our Experience:

1) Third Party Car Park Assessment/Gap Analysis.

2) Valet Service Suitability.

3) Car Park Management System Consultancy and Comparison.